OrthoSports: Orthopaedic Specialists in Singapore

A Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore

Regardless of age, professional and leisure sportsmen in Singapore are at risk of getting a sports injury or two at some point. While minor injuries can be easily treated by rest, some sports injuries would require medicine or surgery from a medical centre. Some sports injuries we have seen in our clinic in Singapore include ligament tears, meniscus tears, and shoulder dislocation among others.

This is where OrthoSports comes in.

Learn More About OrthoSports

Based in Singapore, OrthoSports specializes in treating sports
and orthopaedic injuries at our clinic. In addition, we provide treatments
in Singapore for various sports-related injuries and orthopaedic problems at
our clinic.

OrthoSports is led by a team of 5 orthopaedic surgeons and specialists
as well as a trained medical team. Click here to find out more about their
practice and research interests. Our treatments and services include
but are not limited to:

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  • Dr Ang Kian Chuan
Dr Ang Kian Chuan
Dr David Paul Bell
  • Dr Bryan Tan Hsi Ming
  • Dr Tan Ken Jin
  • Dr Leo Pien Ming Sean

Furthermore, we have two conveniently located orthopaedic clinics in Novena as well as Farrer Park. Our clinics in Singapore have been furnished with comfortable waiting areas and other amenities. Click here to view our locations and find out how you can get in touch with our team.

A Platform in Singapore for Orthopaedic Resources

OrthoSports also has a knowledge bank of information and educational materials for patients who are keen to learn more about various sports injuries and treatment options by our doctors in Singapore. Click here to have a read and find out more.

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Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team as we are more than willing to serve you.

For urgent inquiries, you may contact our hotline at 67348168.