The plaintiff petitioned the European Court of Human Rights to overturn criminal legislation that restricted proselytism in Kokkinakis v. Greece.258 The Court noted that Article 9 is in outlining the general principles underlying the Article 9 guarantee of religious freedom in the European convention

with its religious measurement, one of the more vital elements which go which will make within the identification of believers and their conception of life, however it is additionally a valuable asset for atheists, agnostics, sceptics and the unconcerned. The pluralism indissociable from a democratic culture, which includes been dearly won on the centuries, will depend on it.259

Here, the Court was clear that a sense that is robust of freedom reaches both believers and non-believers

In this feeling, freedom of faith within a democratic culture cannot be divided from a concomitant freedom from faith. Where patriarchal interpretations are presented as “the” holdings of the faith that is particular provided governmental security during the sacrifice of other similarly legitimate interpretations, they could be unduly foisted upon people who, if given the possibility to make a free of charge and informed choice, would select not to ever be governed by them. (more…)