Put more just, algorithms had been utilized to evaluate the reactions for certain terms, and scientists confirmed the total results to guarantee accuracy. The target would be to classify whether each reaction mentions confirmed subject. Using a computational style of terms that frequently appear together within the responses, scientists identified 30 various topics and utilized sets of key words determine each subject and label the reactions. As an example, answers which used terms like “reading” and “exercise” were categorized as mentioning “activities and hobbies.” Reactions might be coded as mentioning several topics or none after all. As an example, reactions that talked about “reading the Bible” had been recognized as both reading that is mentioning an action or pastime, and Christianity, faith and spirituality.

The open-ended responses consist of both broad subjects and much more particular subtopics within them. As an example, respondents whom particularly mention their spouse, spouse or partner that is romantic coded as having cited a spouse or partner (20%). People who react with certain reference to kids or grandchildren (34%) are coded as a result. And all sorts of participants whom mention some of these will also be a part of a broader sounding those that mention household (69%), because are the ones who utilize terms like “mom,” “sibling,” “niece” or just “family.”