1. As he’s washing his upper body, stay behind him and press your soaped up boobs against their back. Then reach around and teasingly stroke their legs. All of that expectation combined with lukewarm water will up their circulation to his package, meaning he will be actually (really) switched on.

2. Make use of loofah to provide him a back massage that is naughty. Press it securely against their skin, and go it in slow, little sectors through the nape of their throat towards the base of their back. then continue therefore you massage their butt cheeks. The rough texture associated with the loofah will stimulate dozens of nerve that is sensitive down there.

3. Stay dealing with one another to ensure you both get one neck toward the bath mind ( not straight under it). Pull him in for a separate kiss—having the water spray over both of your faces will include sensations that are totally new your lip lock. As long as you’re at it, provide their locks a gentle tug—his head is very tender today (in an effective way) since he is been scrubbing it, therefore it’ll intensify their pleasure. (more…)