A revealing analysis that is new sound into the many and varied reasons a woman’s sex-life often falters as we grow older.

For a lot of ladies, sex after menopause isn’t as satisfying as it was previously. It is menopause totally to blame?

New research implies that the changes that are hormonal come with menopause are just area of the explanation a woman’s sex-life declines as we grow older. It’s true that lots of women experience observable symptoms after menopause, including genital dryness, painful sexual intercourse and lack of desire — each of which can impact the regularity and pleasure of intercourse.

Nevertheless the brand new research demonstrates the reason why many females stop wanting sex, enjoying intercourse and achieving intercourse tend to be more complex. While females usually have now been blamed whenever intercourse wanes in a relationship, the investigation indicates that, usually, it is the healthiness of a woman’s partner that determines whether she stays intimately active and pleased with her sex-life. (Many research reports have focused on heterosexual females, so less is well known about same-sex couples after menopause. )

“We realize that menopause seemingly have a bad impact on libido, genital dryness and sexual pain, ” said Dr. Stephanie Faubion, manager of t he Mayo Clinic Center for Women’s wellness in Rochester, Minn. “But what exactly is coming as a regular choosing is the fact that partner has this type of prominent part. It is not only the option of the partner — it is the real wellness associated with partner aswell. ”

The study that is latest, posted into the medical journal Menopause, will be based upon studies greater than 24,000 women getting involved in an ovarian cancer assessment study in Britain. (more…)

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