Bringing Cali’s Reign to an End

The time Miguel had been captured had been a celebration that is short-lived. “It had been an excellent time for not just DEA also for the Colombian federal government, however it ended up being short-lived we still had a lot of work to do,” he says because we realized at that point. “We arrested Miguel, then again it had been, ‘Ok, now we must focus our attention on Jorge. (more…)

It’s hard to think a Colorado gear store could outrage therefore numerous clients in the chronilogical age of crowdsourced review internet web sites and marketplaces like Amazon.

At the beginning of November, Leigh Attwood, a 32-year-old Brit living in Manhattan, had been searching online for the Moose Knuckles 3Q jacket—an $895 puffy having a fur-trimmed bonnet. Looking on Bing, he discovered a black colored one in additional little which was detailed as “available” on the internet site of a shop called 123Mountain, whose two brick-and-mortar clothes in Colorado had been owned and operated by Frenchman Olivier “Oliver” Goumas and his Swedish spouse, Anna Sofia. (more…)