Where Can Part-Asian Student Be a Minority in STEM Products?

I have a multiple-part question. I’m half Asian and caucasian that is half. Is there schools where an Asian STEM pupil will be considered an underrepresented minority? How would we find those? And then next, am I better off applying as Asian, as white, or as “two or more races?” Many thanks.

You need to apply as ‘a couple of events’ … as well as for several reasons. To start with, oahu is the honest answer. Can you really want to become at a college that doesn’t want you for whom you certainly are? Moreover, many admission officials appear to have only a little soft spot for candidates who’ve navigated the often murky waters of the biracial upbringing. These admission people believe that pupils from mixed backgrounds may bring an atypical perspective to campus, which really is a plus for the college community … as well as for you at decision time.

There’s no option to discern which universities have actually the fewest Asian students in their STEM programs (without visiting campuses and nosing around or contacting department heads to ask concerns that probably will not work with your favor). But everything you can do would be to find out which universities have low population that is asian and thus can be courting Asian applicants.

The best way to do this would be to start with the College Board’s Big Future google. Utilize the menu that is left-hand choose your requirements for size, location, majors, selectivity, etc. (more…)