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Where is Eastern Europe?

You’ll find so many various definitions of Eastern Europe nevertheless they all shortage precision and you will be interpreted in lots of ways. The edge this is certainly geographical of eastern part of countries in europe is defined due to the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, however, the part that is west of Europe’ is a subject to overlap and historic customizations.

European areas predicated on EuroVoc: green – Western Europe, red – Eastern Europe, blue – Northern Europe, yellow – Southern Europe. Concerning this split Poland is component for the Eastern Europe (supply: wikipedia.org)

In the event that geographic center of European countries is taken into consideration, Poland usually is properly at the heart, although every thing depends on when the furthest points with this continent are defined. In the most accepted concept one line is drawn through the coast that is north of towards the south coastline of Italy plus the 2nd one through the south-west coastline of Portugal to Ural Mountains in to the north-west of Russia. The two lines cross in Polish town Bialystok Poland that is making the center of countries in europe.

European areas relative to the planet Twitter: green – Southern Europe, yellowish – Western Europe, light blue – Central Europe, blue – Northern Europe, orange – Eastern Europe. (more…)