Your Bird Flu FAQs

WebMD has been around touch because of the CDC, the entire world wellness Organization, and infectious disease experts to respond to your bird flu concerns.

What Exactly Is Bird Flu?

Bird flu, or influenza that is really avian is a viral illness spread from bird to bird. Presently, a strain that is particularly deadly of flu — H5N1 — will continue to distribute among chicken in Egypt as well as in particular components of Asia.

Theoretically, H5N1 is an avian that is highly pathogenic (HPAI) virus. It really is lethal to the majority of birds. And it is life-threatening to people also to other animals that catch the herpes virus from birds. Because the first case that is human 1997, H5N1 has killed almost 60% associated with the individuals who’ve been contaminated.

But unlike peoples flu bugs, H5N1 bird flu will not distribute effortlessly from individual to individual. Ab muscles few situations of human-to-human transmission have now been among individuals with extremely contact that is close such as for example a mom whom caught the herpes virus while taking care of her ill baby.

Migrating water fowl — most notably crazy ducks — are the normal providers of bird flu viruses. It really is suspected that disease can distribute from wild fowl to poultry that is domestic. (more…)