The outcome for the dissertation work should really be of practical value. This is actually the main indication of good dissertation. The outcomes of this dissertation need to have an important affect the industry concerned and be presented in a way from it economic or other benefits that they can actually be applied in practice and derive. Then recommendations should be presented on the application of the results of theoretical studies if the work is purely theoretical.

Reliability regarding the link between dissertation

The outcome regarding the thesis must certanly be dependable. Theoretical conclusions, models needs to be put through careful verification that is experimental the legitimacy associated with theoretical conclusions as well as the applicability associated with chosen models should always be verified by experimental studies.

The topic and content associated with dissertation must match towards the passport of this specialty that is scientific the postgraduate pupil is learning. The essential typical blunder is the fact that chosen research object will not match towards the selected specialty. Consequently, it is crucial to approach the subject material of this research in addition to subjects of this dissertation relative to the specialty for the career as responsibly. (more…)