College Essays Can Give a Glimpse into Your Soul

While student grades and test scores are clearly top factors in admissions office decisions, application essays often play a role that is pivotal. Like nothing else, essays give admissions readers an actual sense for who you really are as a person and student. Some say these are typically a “glimpse into the soul.”

Most colleges require a minumum of one essay as a part of these applications; some require two, three or even more. Ranging in length from just a couple words to 1, two, or three pages of content, essay questions in almost any free-response section associated with college application is highly recommended a chance to make a impression that is good.

At the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC) yearly conference, college admissions deans have admitted repeatedly that poorly written essays can “do in” a student with top grades and test scores. and that essays that are great sometimes turn the tide toward acceptance for a student with less-than-stellar grades and test scores.

These same deans have offered sage advice about the dos and don’ts of writing college essays. (more…)

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We obtained a perfect rating on the ACT and SAT essays whenever We was at senior high school, and from now on i could provide you with my extra knowledge from 8 several years of experience tutoring for the ACT. This advice has helped my students see increases in their writing score, and some have gotten a 36 themselves while NO one can ever guarantee a perfect score.

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